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24|7 Nursing & Medical Services

24|7 Nursing & Medical Services (24|7 NMS) is a major provider of nursing healthcare services across several industries from public & private hospitals through to clinical research, private nursing and homecare services.


Colours formed an important part of the design process, with the choice of red, blue & white for their respective meanings of strength & energy, trust & integrity, organisation & efficiency among others

The use of the cross incorporates symbolism of medicine and healing and represents transition, balance, faith, unity, temperance, hope, and life.

The top of the cross symbolises a large medical building and sitting within the top half of the hexagon, it represents the hospitals and other large healthcare facilities that 24|7 NMS provide their fabulous staff to.

The smaller building incorporated into the bottom of the cross symbolises a home with a door and a chimney. This represents the Home Care Service and Private Nursing Service divisions within their business.

The shape of the hexagon stands for one of the principal governing patterns in the natural world and also represents communication, union, balance, efficiency and community.


Over the coming months VMD will embark on revising the website for 24|7 NMS with the new website due for release mid 2017


Client: 24|7 Nursing & Medical Services
Projects: Branding & Identity | Print | Signage
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